Friday, December 15, 2000

Oh, man. Why do we have to endure this holiday season? One cool bonus: At Sonic they have peppermint shakes. In New Orleans it never gets cold, so we enjoy a treat like a shake.

Monday, December 11, 2000

Hey! If anyone actually ever reads this, you should also become familiar with my made-from-scratch web page Transistor Sister. The URL is

Right now I have a final due tomorrow in my speech class. It's woth 50% of my grade and I haven't even so much as started it. The class is called "Conflict Resolution," everyone has to take it, and basically it prepares us to conduct a business meeting. Yay. So I have to think a problem- a "real" problem, my teacher says, and record a meeting with four other people where we will generate solutions for my problem. I also have to write a paper discussing the process and problems I encountered.

Problem #1: I don't have four people to gather into a fake meeting.
Problem #2: I don't have a real problem that I want to discuss on record and have my teacher own a copy of.
Problem #3: I don't have time to do this crap. I want to get drunk.